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Cloud Coma

Cloud Coma is the perfect line for advanced vapers and hobbyists. A mix of 75VG/25VG, 80VG/20PG blends and a 95VG/5PG competition juice. Available on &

Flavor List

Baked Daze

Packed with lemon, this pound cake will put you in a daze. Topped with icing it will fancy any sweet tooth.

Berry Blast

Berries! Berries! Berries! 5 different blends of vineyard berries come together to make this unique experience.

Chucka Light

We took coma chucka and made it more flavorful, and lighter on the clouds. Perfect for a flavor chaser

Melon Coma

A delightful watermelon strawberry with a twist of kiwi.


Melon Coma with a blast of menthol.


This will remind you of a Blue Raspberry Slushi

Tropic Thunder

Bring on the THUNDER!!! Combines pineapple, melon and other tropical fruits then drizzle them with a soft marshmallow.

Sundae Havoc

This banana split has all the toppings and is bedded on a pile of 3 different ice creams, bringing you a smooth tasty treat.